Can two similar apps from the same developer exist on the Shopify App Store?

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Any App developer should know this rule of Shopify App store:


  1. Multiple apps with overlapping functionality created by the same Partner - If you want to list more than one app on the Shopify App Store, then each app must be clearly different from other apps that you've already listed. In some cases, you can combine multiple apps into one. See section C.2.4 of our Partner Program Agreement.

Has anyone noticed 2 apps are same organization?

YMQ has created another partner to avoid above rule of Shopify App store. 
They created a free app with similar feature, then They offer their paid app in the free app. 
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This is unfair with other Developers. Shopify should solve this problem soon, before many other developers do the same
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If an app developer can't make a single app to the top one of a niche, why do you think it can manage 2? They are just spreading them too thin

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