Can Wholesale Gorilla tags be exported to other CRMs?

Can Wholesale Gorilla tags be exported to other CRMs?

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I want to check to see if anyone knows if the Wholesale Gorilla tag of "wholesale" is able to be exported with Shopify orders as a tag into other CRMs like ACtive campaign. We want to segment our wholesale orders and wanted to confirm this action.

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I don't understand what you mean, do you want your supplier to provide you with customized labeling services?

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I was actually wondering the same! 

I just don’t love any of the wholesale apps so I’m actually creating one with my team. Not sure if you are happy with WG but would love to pick your brain on any specific needs you have. We are trying to build the best version of this app we can. 

Thank you in advance!

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To integrate with a 3rd party platform, your b2b wholesale app needs to publish public API for developers. You can check our B2B apps in my signature in case it can help

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