Can you recommend a solution for automated shipping and order tracking?

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I am building out a store for a client who wants to sell a service to customize old and worn garments and turn them into something new.


The client would like customers to purchase a customization service via their website and once purchased have a software solution that could auto-generate a shipping label with their business address that is then sent to the customer via their order confirmation email.


Once the garment has been customized, the client would then like the system to generate a return shipping label so they can send the garment back. They also want the customer to be able to "track their order" and see what the status of their order is (example: en route, received, being customized, finalized, returning to customer). 


Are there any known solutions out there that can accomplish this? Or some sort of workarounds with existing software solutions? 


Thanks for your help and insight. 

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