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Can you suggest a suitable inventory management system with barcode scanning?

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Hello everyone, and want to thank you ahead of time for your replies.

My name is Roberto Arguello CO-Founder of RUJI Naturals( we are a small family-owned pet wellness brand focused on making products using all-natural and organic ingredients specifically using superfoods as key ingredients.

Now to the question, I sell on amazon, etsy, ebay, and on our website. I would like to have more specific inventory control using a usb barcode scanner and each and every time a unit comes in and out goes through the barcode scanner and the number is adjusted in this app or program i am looking for. Can anyone recommend me something willing to hear all possibilities.


Thank you again in ahead of anticiaption of your replies.







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Hey Roberto

It will depend on how much functionality you want the scanning app to perform. For example we have a companion mobile apps for our system so our users can scan inventory in using their phones and perform stocktakes, cycle counts etc. You can perform single scan and updates inventory directly in Shopify or run a bulk sequence of scans which get collated and then you can update all listed products in your store. If you are interested in testing it out just send me an email to and my team can get you set up for free and testing. We are adding socket mobile hardware in future but for now we are keeping costs low so performing all functions through iOS or Android.



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Hi, Roberto!


If you are making your own products, then perhaps it would be feasible to consider implementing a manufacturing ERP? This would allow you to sync up your whole business, automatically book items or materials when a sale is made, create manufacturing orders and schedules, keep an eye on inventory movements, and about a million more things. Check out MRPeasy ( if you are interested - it is made for small businesses like yours, can be implemented without external consultants, and also has the barcoding functionality you are looking for.



Hope that helps! And good luck with everything!

Madis from MRPeasy

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Hi @Roberto_Arguell 

If you want to continue to manage your inventory on Shopify then EasyScan is the perfect app for you. 

You can use a barcode scanner to update your inventory, check inventory at any location, fulfill orders and even create orders!

Just scan your product, select how much you would like to adjust the inventory by and update it at your location.

If you would like a demo please get in touch - 

Thanks and have a great day!


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