Card Reader Reversing Payments or Losing Connection??

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Hi, I've just recently launched my shopify account/website etc and all my online payments are processing however in my actual shop the face to face payments are causing stress. Frequently the payment will reverse and show as declined, after 3 attempts it tends to process or the card reader will completely disconnect from the ipad. Its so frustrating and especially since I've brought this in to make a smoother transaction. Any ideas please? BTW I have already updated the app and card reader. Thanks

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Hi, Did you resolve this issue?

We've been having the same issue with reversing payments occurring when the customer uses the Shopify card reader. It doesn't occur when the customer uses contactless card payment, only when they insert the card and type in their PIN. It is causing stress with our in store team and don't want to just buy another card reader but I can't see how to resolve it???