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Coda's Shopify Pack: 2-way Sync between Shopify and Coda

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We found that a lot of people were using Coda to track various aspects of their Shopify stores, so our Engineering Team created a Shopify Pack that allows for 2-way syncing between your Store and your Coda doc!


We've seen a lot of really cool use-cases so far and wanted to post here so everyone could try it out.


Nearly all information available to the API is available for use in Coda. We use "Packs Tables" which sync and store the information from Shopify, and if you want to extend them, they can edit and sync back to Shopify as well. We have tables for the following data sets:


  • Products
  • Variants
  • Orders
  • Inventory Levels
  • Customers
  • Transactions

Each of these data sets has a big list of information items that can be pulled out and used in your Coda doc. Here's a help article that explains more about Sync Tables.


You can create buttons that take actions on your Shopify store, like Update Inventory or Set Sale Price. Here's more information about Packs Buttons.


Here are a few Templates and Examples so you can get started quick. Copy the doc, then sync your data, and you're up and running!


We hope you like it!




Ben Lee
Solutions Architect at Coda
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Hey Ben, Thanks for posting. I have been using they Shopify pack and have found it quite useful. Do you think you will include functionality to update the fulfillment status from coda?