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Creating grouped products and other questions

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1. We have many individual products which we want to sell alone and in pre-set kits. Is there an app that could create the kits while letting me upload the items individually? I want the inventory to be tracked per unit.  For example, we have products A B C & D. All can be purchased on their own plus there is a kit with all 4 of them. the kit would be discounted. When someone purchases a kit the inventory of each A B C & D will be reduced by one. 

2. I would like it when someone hovers on the image of the product the picture changes. When a product is displayed and I hover on the photo I see the back picture instead of the front. 


3. How can i change the font of the theme to match my branding?


Thank you in advance!




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Hey, @asg  Happy to help with your questions


1. What you want to look for is a product bundler app that has inventory tracking for the individual products in the bundle kit. In this case, I would recommend an app such as Bundles or Advanced Bundle Products.  

2. This would require custom coding or an app to change the functionality of your theme to show a second image on hover. Hover Image SliderChange Image on Hover or Second Image on Hover are solid apps worth checking out.

3. Your font in your theme can typically be changed within your theme editor, specifically in the 'Theme Settings' tab. This will give you the ability to set th font style and size for your headers and paragraph text.

I hope this helps! If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.


Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hey Aziz

Can help with the bundling of products and keeping inventory in sync. We have our own bundling solution that lets you create custom bundles that are just normal single items so the customer just adds one item to checkout. After they purchase one of these we convert your order to the individual lines in Shopify so you can process and fulfil correctly. Let me know if you would like to test it out -



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Hello @Dirk, Bundles seem to work! is there a way to do mock checkouts?? I would like to test what it does on the inventory level and such. 


As for the font. I have purchased a custom font that isn't available on Shopify. How can I add that font? I found this page (, however, my font is a ttf and  Assets > stylesheet.css.liquid isn't there. I attached a photo of whats in the assets file below. 


Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 12.17.58 PM.png





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Salamon Aleikom Aziz


As Dirk said, for your first issue, bundling apps should work. You can check ours too. It does exactly what you said and you don't have to worry about the inventory tracking.

We have FREE plan which fits a wide range of shops. So don't worry about the payments.



Fast Bundle Team