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I am looking for an app for a store printing custom fabric for customers.

The app must:
- Allow a customer to upload an image
- Display that image as it would appear on a fabric swatch dynamically
- Allow the customer to choose between different scaling options including 3x3, 6x6, 12x12, exact image size, and custom
- Dynamically show a preview of each scaling option the customer chooses

Are there any apps out there that can do this naturally, or are there any that can do this with minimal modification?
Anthony Booth
Owner, Vector Commerce LLC
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Hi @VectorCommerce ,


We can help you put a solution together and get the ball rolling in the form of a custom app. 

Simply email us at or visit our website:


Best Regards,

Achieve Team

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Hi @VectorCommerce,

It's Melissa from Contrado here, we can definitely offer this for you.

Contrado is a print-on-demand business that specializes in fabrics and dropshipping. We offer a range of 100+ fabrics that you and your customers can freely design, including custom sizes. You can see what the fabric will look like in the previews as you are designing and with each change you make.

All of our fabrics are available here:

We also offer swatch packs and fabric samples.

Our app is available here: 

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to help! 

Melissa from Contrado

Get the Contrado app for Shopify:

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Hi Anthony,


I'm looking for the same scaling app for a fabric print company. Did you have any luck finding a suitable app? Thanks,



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@jessFGC We already have a fabric printing app not yet listed in the App Store.

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Could you tell me more? I can't see it on your website. I have similar requirements to Vector Commerce above. Orders will be placed old-school through a form, though customer needs to be able to scale their pattern tile similar to