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Custom product Prices in diff currencies?

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Hi there, 

We are using one international store with multiple currencies and want to customise the prices for our products for each currency, is there a way to do so?

Note: This app is not compatible with our site, just wondering if anyone else has found a solution for this?

Thank you!

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You can Check Out for App Called pricing by country, you can set higher or lower product prices for different countries. and you can also sell a single product at multiple prices in multiple countries. To cover the free shipping to international customers you can add a shipping rate to the product price. Here is some feature
we can set price for a different country with increasing percentage or amount.
you can set up local currency checkout
in build currency converter with lots feature
the app is very fast
app work without any code in change in theme. Here is the link :

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Hi is this app allow custom prices per currency and country per product? not just currency converter.