Customer Photo Submission Form App?

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I want to add a gallery to my site, including photos of my customers using my products.

What I'm looking for is a convenient way to collect these photos and a little info about them at the same time.

So basically I need a type of contact form where the customer can include an attached photo, and I can customise the boxes to collect the relevant information.

Does such a thing exist?


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Hi, I use Upload-lift on my own site and it is for customers to upload a photo for a personalised product they purchase.

Try  Upload-Lift by Cloud lift and have a look at their details and demo page. It might have what you are looking for.

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That's not really what I'm after.

Maybe I didn't explain well enough.

I want the photos to be sent to me, for me to then uploaded to a separate gallery page, but when they send them I want there to be some information collecting boxes for the to fill in to accompany the photo.