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Deleted App still Active - can't remove

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I had (and still have) a color swatch app on site and after few days I have changed my mind and didn't like it anymore, so I deactivated color swatch on the app and then deleted it. But after a few minutes when I went to see how my site looks now the color swatch was still there, so I tried to remove it dozens and dozens of times, even tried with adding new color swatches but the old color swatch from StarApps Studio ( the app is called Variant 'Options Swatch King' ) just didn't want to go. Does anyone know how can I remove this? 


(go on 'Catalog' to see color swatch)


Thank you.

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The app has most likely made changes to one or more of your theme files and not done a proper job of reverting those changes when it was deleted. I suspect the only solution is to edit the relevant file/s manually.


With a bit of investigation you will be able to determine where the changes were made but I would reach out to the app publisher. They will be familiar with what and where those changes are exactly.


If you don't have any luck with either of those approaches, PM me, I should be able to help.

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Reached out to the publisher, they were very nice and helpful.

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hey i deleted the chat with us by shopify (app) but it is still on my website. i need help how do i get rid of it

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Hi, have you tried contacting the editor?