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Delivery app issues

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Hi all - 


I have a couple of issues with some apps on my Shopify store and could do with some assistance. The first one...

Up until now, we have been using 'Order Delivery Date Selector' app to control the days that our customers can purchase our products for delivery. We decided to unistall this yesterday to try another app. Even though this app now doesn't appear on our App list, it is still present on our Cart page. I have tried installing it again but it doesn't go onto show on our App list.

The second problem...

We installed the Zapiet delivery app which has now placed a delivery date selector on our cart page, however when uninstalling the app, the selector is still present.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Any support with this would be much appreciated!

I've logged a call with Shopify Support who are chasing the app developers but I still haven't had a response from them and it's affecting our trading as we have had to take the website down temporarily while we wait for the issues to be resolved.


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It sounds like code that was added when the App was installed is still in your theme. I would recommend searching for "<App Name> uninstall" (e.g. "bookthatapp uninstall"), since the App developers have likely documented it in their help system. If that doesn't work try contacting the App developers directly. 

HTH, Gavin.
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Thanks very much for this. Have you got any idea where I might be able to find this code?

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Hello @pollenposy,

You should have received an email when you uninstalled containing a link to the following guide:

There are a couple of steps we can't automate due to technical reasons. This article will help you locate possible remaining line of our code within your theme.

If you need assistance in completing the uninstall process, don't hesitate to reach us at 🙂