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Delivery / Pickup app that clearly indicates exactly which products don't meet conditions in cart

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I know there are lots of apps that manage delivery and pickup conditions - dates, times, locations...but I'm yet to find an app that when a customer tries to check out with a product that doesn't meet their intended delivery conditions, it clearly indicates which product in their basket is the 'odd one out'.  


Currently using Zapiet the moment when a product doesn't meet conditions the app just states an error saying 'one of your products isn't available'...but as nothing appears to the item in the cart...the user has no idea which product is causing the error. 


i'm just trying to create a clearer user journey - the customer knows they either need to remove the offending product, or changing their delivery / pickup preferences to complete the purchase.


Have tried reaching out to zapiet support, but its not a feature they support. 


Does anyone know an app that supports the feature I've described?


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Hello @williamleonard

Sandy here, from Zapiet !

We now offer a tag visible in the cart, to let your customers know which product(s) do not meet the conditions you have configured.

You can learn more about it here :

Don't hesitate to contact us at, if you have any more questions.