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Hi friends, I have a new account and was able to successfully upload 2 items from my shopify app to ebay, but for some reason I am no longer able to add more items to my ebay account through shopify. Can somebody help please? Thanks in advance!!!

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Considering opening a request with eBay app developers, they usually are able to look into the sync logs.


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Hello @123rasina ,
eBay generally gives a low selling limit to new sellers, so this might be one of the reasons if now you are not able to list any more products, but before going with any assumption, you can check your selling limit on ebay from your ebay account.
And if you have the selling limit and yet you are not able to list the products on ebay, then I would suggest you to please check out the support of the integration which you are using. Or else you can check out other 3rd party integration apps from the Shopify app store.
Thank you.!

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Hello. Well, I had the same issue. I've got in touch with eBay support and they told me that my account has been ,,shadow-banned" or something like this. When I asked what to do, their honest answer was - we don't know (LOL).


So, I've got in touch with eBay experts and they helped me to solve this issue in no time. My suggestion is you get in touch with them.

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Hello, as a newly registered seller on eBay, you might face a restriction on listing products. Usually, eBay imposes a selling limit of listing up to 10 items with a total value of up to $500 per month for new sellers. In other words, during the month, you can list or sell up to ten items worth up to $500. All new eBay sellers must comply with this limit.


But despite having your selling restrictions lifted, if you have trouble listing products on eBay it would be advised to seek support from the integration service provider. Else you can visit the Shopify App store and search “eBay” to find the best 3rd party integration apps. Go through the prices, functionalities, ratings, and reviews to finalize an app. 


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If it is a technical issue, try M2E Cloud it allows to list as many products as you need from shopify to ebay easily.