EDI apps: good idea?

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I'm working with a 3PL that uses EDI. I know EDI is ancient technology and Shopify isn't really designed for it.

There are a few apps like B2BGateway that claim to do EDI bridges, but none of these apps seem widely used or well documented.

Do these apps work reliably, or is EDI + Shopify always going to be a major headache? Should I just find a new 3PL that uses SOAP or REST or has a pre-existing Shopify integration?

Thanks in advance!


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Hey Paul,

Did you find an EDI platform? 

We do EDI integrations for Shopify suppliers. We also have a fully documented "EDI API" which can translate B2B orders from any format. https://edi.docs.convictional.com/

Let me know if we can help. chris@convictional.com




Convictional makes B2B on Shopify automated and simple (EDI, wholesale, and dropshipping): https://convictional.com/
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Hmm This is kinda strange. Most 3pl these days have a direct integration or they make an API solution. Ive been using librexpress.com and they just connect diretly.