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face book and google restrictions on our store

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I need to advertise on FB but my account has been restricted with out and advertising ability. I need to correct this. Also my google is restricted for misrepresentation. need help to correct??



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Same here just got suspended for Misrepresentation today...Need help as well!

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For Google :


Common reasons:

Contact Us page

You definitely need one in your both footer and header that contains a physical address, phone number, and an email address. But remember when you are filling out this information on your contact use page, you need to keep it consistent in your google merchant center when you are filling out the business information.


Legal Pages:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Billing Terms and Conditions
  • Secure Checkout Page
  • FAQs
  • Shipping Policy (need to add more details)
  • Terms of Services (need to change contents)
  • Return and Refund Policy (need to add more details, like days, state of return, the reason for return, process of return and refund, contact details, etc.)

Other Pages:

  • Contact Us (Show Contact Address, Email, and phone number, support available time, contact us form)
  • About Us page (Show company details, aims, and objectives, why should a customer choose you, year of establishment, and email)

Product landing page :

  • Do not copy contents like product images, titles, or descriptions exact from any source
  • Show your Brand name

Check-out process:

  • Secure and safe
  • Show all the payment methods shown in the footer while check-out
  • Make sure the shipping charges and taxes are the same as mentioned on the policy pages

Google Merchant Center Changes:

  • Create Shipping with the same Handling time, Transit time, and Shipping charges, as mentioned in the store
  • Create Sales tax, if applicable
  • Verify your business information and phone number

Other Possible Reasons:

Basically, anything that looks shady
So, it means messy general store with a broken theme and blank images, unrealistic claims, etc


Bad and sketchy name or logo:

You should make it simple and clean, and definitely, try using a nice name for the store and domain


Pricing and fake promotions:

Do not use any compared prices if they are not real, especially for every single product
also if you are promoting a deal or a coupon code make sure it’s working properly
and you definitely don’t want to run ads for out of stock items


Low-quality images:

Try not to copy the exact images from any website.


Fake reviews :

It is better to not import reviews that looks spammy or not real


Trust badges:

Try not to overuse them and don’t even use them if they are not true

The same thing goes for the fake countdowns
you don't use them as well, if they are not real


Finally, Spelling or grammatical errors in your whole website


You may get in touch for issues related to Facebook as well


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