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Facebook is going to make me lose it. Please help

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This is more of a Facebook issue than anything else, but I am also having issues on the Shopify side. Long story short its all bad and not working. 


Started to connect my Facebook connected to my personal page worked fine. 


The next step was to connect the business account. For whatever reason, my Facebook page for my shop (bloom+ivy) is under my dog's professional/business account. (and to make matters worse its their old Facebook account that I never changed so it has mine and my ex's dogs names because why not)

It continues to get more complicated. 

So the Dog Account- Fletcher&Riley was under my maiden name so my former last name of Baylie Edwards is the "admin" and for whatever reason, it did not auto-update when I changed to my married name so I cannot change the admin. 


So here is what I have tried so far.


First I just used the business manager for Fletcher&Riley because the next step was to connect the page and it let me connect bloom+ivy so I was like annoying but whatever we ended up in the right place. 

Well then it wasn't working nothing would load and the prompts from shopify said make sure you are an admin...well even though I created the page because it ended up under the Dog's Account and changed the admin to my maiden name and I cannot change that one now either. When I try to add a new admin the "send" or "invite" (cannot remember what the button says sorry) is not clickable. 


So I was like whatever I dont use the dog account I'll just delete it. Did not work. It came back. I looked into this and I think it is because it is connected to an Instagram business account. So I could go change their account temporarily but we are still active on their instagram minus fletch (my ex's dog) so I would like to fix it rather than put a bandaid on it. 


So now here is where I am at:

When I try to create bloom+ivy as a business account it automatically goes under Fletcher&Riley. It will be my married name as an admin for like 5 minutes then auto change to Fletcher&Riley (maiden name admin) and I can no longer change anything

(also shopify now says cannot connect to Fletcher&Riley anyway)

I will be trying to change my instagram temporarily to a personal account so I can delete that Facebook page and hopefully resolve some things


My remaining problem is that I still need a business account on facebook for shopify to work.


So in conclusion, mostly a facebook problem, but there are still multiple errors on shopify like now it will not connect at all 


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