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Facebook shop catalog updating and how to manually update it

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The facebook shop app is extremely frustrating to say the least.  There is no way to manually push an update when you update something in shopify and you are left to the mercy of when it decides to push it on its own.  I added new products to my shopify store 3 days ago and it hadnt pushed the data yet so they were not seen on Instagram, which is the only reason I have FB to begin with.  This morning I deleted my data feed in FB business manager so that Shopify could repush all the data and now only the newest products are available, all my older stuff is missing!  This is a poor integration at best.  I'm sure its more Facebook's issue than Shopify but we NEED a way to manually update our data!!!  Using the integration app which should take all the headache out of figuring this stuff out makes is so you dont have a data file or know where your data file is uploaded to the cloud so you can't add that info into Facebook to schedule a push on their end.  See attached image for data field and login info we dont know because its a Shopify integration.

It's holiday season and we need solutions to these issues fast!


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Same problem here, waiting for the answer:)

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Same issue here, does anyone has solve it?


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Hi Jeff,

We have built a multi-channel solution that will automatically update your feeds whenever you make changes. If you're interested, find out more about ShoppingFeeder here.



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any answer to this question yet?