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Grouped products shown as single product

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Hello, does anyone of you know an app that creates a product (e.g. SKU: GROUPED-PRODUCT) that is actually linking multiple existing products on Shopify (let's say ITEM-1, ITEM-2, and ITEM-3) but it is displayed as a simple product? Ideally, the grouped product should behave like a normal product i.e. the order should include separate item lines. We used Magento previously which had this feature but we could make it work on Shopify yet. I've tried a couple of apps but none of them seems to work for this use case.

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Yes, Magento and WooCommerce support product group. So you may not get used to Shopify system. Shopify only supports 1 single type of product.

For your case, you can try to use an inventory app like Connected Inventory to link a product to several real products. When the virtual product is purchased, the inventories of the individual items are deducted by the inventory app. It's good if you're trying to make preset bundles, i.e. Bundle 1 = ITEM A + ITEM B + ITEM C are always fixed.

My app BYOB supports build-your-own bundles. It supports buying any x product in a collection, pay a fixed price or discounted price. A virtual product is created. When it's purchased, the item will be broken down into individual items. 

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Hi @Harmony,

Bundle Kit allows you to link a master product (i.e. the bundle) to multiple existing products (i.e. the bundled items).

Bundle Kit displays the bundle as a standalone product (with selectable variants) that can be seen in the catalog (i.e. behaving like a normal product).

Bundle Kit tracks the inventory levels of the bundle and the individual bundled items as they are sold in real-time to prevent overselling.

Additionally, Bundle Kit will list out the individual bundled item SKUs (i.e. ITEM-1, ITEM-2, ITEM-3) as separate line items in the bundle order for your ease of fulfillment.

You can try the app for free at:

Hope this helps!


Bundle Kit enables businesses to easily build product kits, sync inventory of bundle and bundled products sold, and fulfill bundle orders.