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Has anyone seen an app that can show instore displays online with a link to the product?

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Has anyone seen an app that can show instore displays online with a link to the product?


so the idea is take a picture of the instore display... have it on the shopify store.  and beable to tag all the products in it (like you do on facebook)

so show the picture. click a modal comes up with all the products in it and you click add to card/view/ buy now or whatever.


anyone know of an app that does this?  

example of it working on a non shopify website




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Interesting idea for a new way to merchandise products on your e-commerce  website.

I have not seen a app like this, but I’d Be interested in building one and putting it in the  Shopify App Store.

Can you expand on how this would work?

- Would it auto tag In store displays based on products on your website?

- where were these tagged display photos we hosted? On your website, on social media?

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the app would let you upload pictures.

then each picture would be able to be opened, and you select a section on the picture with the product and select from a list of products in your store

the widget on the page would just have all the pictures maybe configurable to show them all and let them scroll down, or have them scrolling from left to right.

when you click on one of the pictures a modal would popup with the picture and all the products in the picture on the right (or configurable to be at the bottom)

you could click view product, add to cart, or buy now on the products.


no auto tagging manual tagging.

the photos would be hosted in the CDN on shopify.

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Dear Kurtaggie,

What impact do you think this app could add? I see two alternatives:

The shop owner can add products image beside regular products image upload (I'm not sure if there is any restrictions for this).

There could be a new app (not sure if there is any) that helps to show the buyer if there is already any store product image beside each product image/ product description or the option would be hidden.