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Help! I cannot seem to find the right app.

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I am seeking an app that can achieve our needs for a variety of things.

We have a company that sells individual products, as well as "kits". These kits are comprised of individual items and give the customer a discounted rate when they purchase the bundled packages. Furthermore, these kits have a multitude of drop down selections/variants that change and alter the SKU's of the kits. 

We need to not only be able to have multiple drop down menu's for the customer to customize their kit, but also be able to track our inventory accordingly to the alterations the customer makes on the front end. 


An example would be:

LSX Kit- (comprising of 4 base items/4 individual sku numbers)

They would then choose what stage clutch they would like- Choose you clutch: Stage 1 (CD98698, PP5985, CT09409, BK9898),
                                                                                                                Stage 2 (CD001, PP59595, CT09609, CB0090),
                                                                                                                Stage 3 (CD0001, PP55000, CT09090, BK00220)

They would then choose what flywheel they want: Flywheel Option 1 (FW08949)
                                                                        Flywheel Option 2 (FW20904)

This would continue down for multiple options to customize the bundle/kit.

I have spent a lot of time working with Bold App Product Bundles, Bold App Product Options, Bundles for Shopify, Infinite Options and have not been able to meet our needs for unlimited variants/drop down's as well as multiple sku numbers being able to be tracked for inventory purposes. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

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Hi @brettwcollins ,


We came across a similar requirement for a shop selling gift baskets. I completely understand the situation because when the kit is sold you have no idea how much stock you have left over to create more kits. It definitely causes issues when it comes time to order new supply. My suggestion is to build a custom app that would work along side Bold or the other popular apps that would simply reduce the inventory when a purchase is made. It would be a custom solution that would focus on reducing the inventory count. 

I really think you've went through the most popular apps, if you would like to see what we can come up with please send me a message at


Sam - Owner @ Achieve Applabs

Use Approovly to create and track order approvals | Looking for more Shopify apps?
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Hi @brettwcollins did you ever solve this. We're in the same situation and have been trying to solve for months