How can customers upload images and files before checkout?

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Hello, we are building a B2B site that requires our customers to send coinciding files for each of their orders. For example, print service websites have customers upload logos and images. We would have customers upload construction plan files once they have selected and paid for our service.


Does anyone have experience with an app or custom code framework to make this happen? Ideally, we would like this uploaded before checking out so we are not having to add any extra steps.


Thanks, Blake

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Hi @PacMoldBW,

I recommend modifying the process to enable customers to upload their construction plan files prior to placing their orders.


If you're open to this adjustment, I suggest installing the Easify Product Options app. It allows you to create a file upload option into your product page, empowering customers to submit their necessary files before adding the product to their cart 🤗



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Hey Blake,

I've used the Infinite Options app (click here for the app listing). I've used it for setting up custom options and uploads for merchants doing custom label printing, and custom messaging for gift boxes. I'm not affiliated with the app, but I found it worked really well and was easy to setup. 

I hope this helps! 

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I think you could try searching for "order forms" or "checkout forms" apps


I found

I think it's a good one because they seem to save the info in order metafields. But it doesn't look like they support file-upload fields. Better ask them directly

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