How can customers upload images at checkout for personalized products?

How can customers upload images at checkout for personalized products?

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Hi all!

I am looking to have a shop where customers can add their image at checkout after picking a tshirt,hoodie etc. 
However, we have inhouse artists that will fix up the image before printing and shipping out. Can anyone recommend an app or suggest how I can do this? 

1. Customer selects product and image to upload at checkout
2. Inhouse artist will edit it and put their artistic flare on (no need to confirm with the customer) 
3. We send to print comapny to ship out 


I have looked at Printful but not sure if this is possible? My understanding is I have to pre-design on their products and can only ship those ou


Any help is much appreciated! 

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You should take a look at these 2 older threads. One contains a DIY solution, and the other contains a list of app recommendations that should work for your use case.




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Hi @darrenbc,

I have a solution in mind that can greatly enhance your workflow:

To begin, use the Easify Product Options app to add a file upload option directly onto your product page. This way, your customers can effortlessly upload their images prior to finalizing their orders.

Once an order comes in, your in-house artist can swiftly access and download the customer's uploaded file for any necessary edits and enhancements 👍.




Next, when it comes time to send the order to your print company, you have a couple of options. If you're using a POD (Print On Demand) app like Printful, you'll need to create a product with the edited image and then manually generate the order to send to Printful.


As far as my knowledge goes, the automated ordering process is only applicable if you've designed and created the product within the Printful app, and customers are purchasing that predesigned item. However, in cases where customers provide their own designs, there isn't currently an automated method available for creating and dispatching orders to Printful.


I hope this solution proves helpful and streamlines your operations 🤗!

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