How can I auto-tag customers based on their quiz answers?

How can I auto-tag customers based on their quiz answers?

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Hi Everyone!


I have a jewelry business where we send out a Suprise monthly jewelry package based on what our customers individual preferences are. Currently, they take a quiz in quizify where they answer a number of questions about the style of jewelry that they like (ex: gold or silver, chunky or dainty, ect). I then have to find the customer order and match it up in a spreadsheet based on their quiz answers. This gets extremely time consuming because I have lots of people that take the quiz without even buying the subscription (thousands of quiz answers with only 50 actual orders and the data is in two seperate apps). 

I am looking for some kind of app that my customers can answer a short survey about their preferences, and it will auto-tag the customer in shopify in the corresponding categories. Basically just an automated version of what I am currently doing. The idea would be : They answer in a quiz that they prefer gold jewelry and short necklaces and then I would be able to filter my customers by girls tagged with gold jewelry and short necklaces).

If anyone can give me a solution, it would be very much appreciated as it would solve a huge pain point for me in my business. I am willing to pay a shopify expert if needed. Thank you so much in advance!!

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From the description it a bit of technical detail is missing so not clear where or how to bridge the exact gap you have.


If you need to just build a quiz , contact form, you can automate backend actions with mechanic 


You should first verify if the app your already using is capable of tagging customers based on a quiz result.

If that's so then you can use  that customer tag in mechanic or other automation apps to build that custom jewelry package, or to check orders for a specific customers tag.


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