How can I automate repair order processes for a luxury watch store?

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My store is a Luxury Watch Retailer and while we sell watches, we also take customer watch repairs in.


I want a program, app or workflow that allows our store to take in a repair, TAG it with its status (Ready to Ship, Diagnosis, In Service, Estimate, Service Declined, Service Completed, Delay) etc, automatically assign its corresponding Repair Center shipping address based on the brand/repair center, email or text our client status updates when we change the TAG, able to ship directly through that Order instead of going to another program,  manage all Repair Orders in a convenient dashboard and is able to be viewed on Shopify so it can be viewed on tablets, desktops and smartphones. 

Is there any workflow, developers, app or integrations that work well with Shopify? I can share more of what workflow I have already started if interested. 

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Hello @Minute,


Unluckily this functionality is too specific to be covered by an existing Shopify app. You can develop a custom Shopify app tailored exactly to the needs and visual styling of your store.


If you need any assistance, please, don't hesitate to drop me a line.


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Actually, its not that specific or difficult.

In fact - this existing Automation app React Flow was able to automate the process for me. So if your business needs to take in REPAIRS and ship them to the same address, you can now do it with React Flow's Automation which has an "UPDATE SHIPPING ADDRESS"

Sharing React Flow's page here because so far they have been the ONLY app that knows how to automate "Update Shipping Address"