How can I best set up a product rental business online?

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I'm planning to set up a rental business and need to find appropriate apps.

There are some requirements:

  1. Some items are available for sale, some for rent.
  2. There should be a unique rental period for all rental items in the cart.
  3. An additional deposit is added in the cart for the rental items. Or even better, an additional amount is blocked/authorised via credit card/paypal/etc. and released once the rented items have been returned by the customer.

Bookthatapp for example can handle sales/rents at the same time as well as deposits. But I'm not sure about the unique rental period and blocking amounts.

I appreciate your support and your ideas on how this can be set up.


Thank you

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@juli12 To set up a rental business on Shopify, you'll want apps that handle both sales and rentals simultaneously. Consider using apps like BookThatApp or Rental Product Manager, allowing you to list items for sale and rent. Within these apps, configure specific rental periods for each item you want to rent out. Additionally, for handling deposits or authorizations, explore apps like Zapiet, Rentalify, or those offering deposit functionalities. These apps can integrate with payment gateways, enabling you to block or authorize an extra amount via credit card or PayPal for rented items, releasing it upon their return. Make sure the chosen apps are compatible with your payment methods and conduct thorough testing to ensure seamless functionality, covering rental periods, deposits, and the checkout process before making them live on your store.

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