How can I connect SAP Business One with my online store?

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Does anyone know a way to connect Shopify with SAP Business One?


¡Thank you!

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It would be done via a middleware connector. Is this something you're going to build yourself for your client? If not there will be SI partners out there with experience in working with SAP B1 and Shopify. From experience, B1 tends to remain a custom integration regardless of platform but those SI partners will have existing frameworks to start with that will help in getting a build up quickly.

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Hello, thank you very much for your reply. Do you know of any that you can recommend?

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Hello Brain,

Based on my experience, I have some information that may assist you in integrating SAP and Shopify. I will outline two approaches that I have observed partners take.

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A. Custom Integration (Usual timeline 3-6 months)

Here, the strategy involves developing tailored integrations and ensuring their ongoing maintenance. The following steps outline the key process.

  1. Knowing which SAP edition you are wanting to integrate Shopify with. SAP provides distinct offerings for companies of different sizes: S4 HANA (enterprise), SAP Business One (mid-market), and SAP Business By Design (Small Companies). Integrating S4 HANA is more complex, with a potential 2-3x level of complexity compared to SAP Business One or Business By Design.
  2. Listing the integration points - An individual possessing expertise in SAP and Shopify should thoroughly examine the integration components between the source and destination.
  3.  Build the integration - Once you have identified the integration points, you can create a customized solution by writing an integration script.
  4. Test and Fine Tune - Given that this is a custom-built solution, it is imperative to conduct thorough testing across different scenarios and meticulously refine the solution. Subsequently, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and the CutOver/GoLive phase should follow suit.

It goes without saying that this approach is time-consuming and may not be viable without a comprehensive understanding of SAP's functional aspects.


B. Pre-Configured Integration Solutions

Customers and partners of Shopify can consider utilizing middleware along with a pre-configured integration solution for SAP and Shopify. This alternative approach offers enhanced convenience and efficiency.Following is how the approach changes with this.

  1. Knowing which SAP edition you are wanting to integrate Shopify with - This step still remains as is.
  2. Viewing the solution demo and check the solution fitment - Explore the comprehensive integration features provided by the solution and align them with the customer's requirements. No SAP expertise is necessary, and minimal involvement from the customer's SAP team is required, primarily for approvals.
  3. Enhance / Customize / Mapping Delta's if any - Enable seamless integration and effortless mapping of additional fields using a no code/low code solution. This streamlined approach ensures efficient processes without the need for extensive coding.
  4. UAT and Go Live -Pre-Configured solutions require far less testing and customers can go live in shorter timeframe.

We provide pre-configured SAP integration solutions for both SAP Business One and S4 HANA. We invite you to explore our feature list, demo videos, and the range of ERP platforms with which we integrate Shopify.

Additionally, consider diving into our highly popular partnership program. By joining this program, companies like yours can become integration champions, seamlessly incorporating various ERP Solutions.

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