How can I create a customer portal with login on my eCommerce site?

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Hi does anyone know if there is an app that does this >
1. create a area or section of a shopify that requires a login 
2. we can create a job posting with images and info
3.  the user can enquire and contact and or place a bid for the project 
4. the user gets auto email when a silmilar job post is created ?


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The account page requires login, you'd only need to enable Shopify Customer Accounts for customers to have access to it: article here


I'm not sure how you could achieve the rest or if there's a right app solution for it. 


If you could be tagging the customers you perhaps could show conditional content (job posts) based on these tags, and use the same tags at the same time to email them.


The app in my signature replaces the account page with a widget (customer portal) that contains different sections like profile, addresses, orders. It is also possible to add custom pages and show them dynamically based on customer tags. But this would be only a part of what you need.

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