How can I display Multicarrier Shipping Label by PluginHive rates at checkout?

How can I display Multicarrier Shipping Label by PluginHive rates at checkout?

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Hello Shopify Support,


I have installed a new app called “Multicarrier Shipping Label by PluginHive” and I want to show the rates calculated by this app in the checkout page for my store.

So I went to settingsàshipping and deliveryàManage rates(General shipping)àclicked on add rate and selected Use carrier or app calculated rates. But at this point I do not see the App “Multicarrier Shipping Label by PluginHive” in the dropdown.

I have also connected my carrier account successfully within the app “Multicarrier Shipping Label by PluginHive”.

Can you please guide me through this?

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Hi @carrymypet,

Harikrishna here, from PluginHive. This issue normally occurs when you have not enabled carrier calculated shipping in your Shopify store.

In order to allow any shipping app to display shipping rates at checkout, you have to add the carrier-calculated shipping in your Shopify store. There are 3 options to enable this feature; 

  • Add this feature for an additional $20/month on your current Basic Shopify plan
  • Choose a yearly subscription for your current Shopify plan, with which you can get this option for free.
  • Upgrade your plan to Advanced Shopify Plan

Once you have chosen any of these options, you have to contact Shopify support to enable it in your store. After they enable this, you can choose the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app rates from the dropdown, calculate and display live shipping rates at checkout. 

If you have any more queries, please feel free to contact PluginHive support and we will help you resolve any issues you face. 

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