How can I effectively map warehouse locations in Boxstorm?

How can I effectively map warehouse locations in Boxstorm?

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I'm working with Boxstorm. Inventory warehouse management app. I'm building internal warehouse locations (Bay, Row, Shelf, Bin) in Boxstorm. Has anyone had experience with location mapping for this? Shopify offers limited locations. I did read the following from Shopify. 

Apps that stock inventory or fulfill orders for you are considered to be locations but don't count towards those limits. When you add such an app to your store, the app is automatically added as a location.

Any info is appreciated.

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Shopify locations are simply for retail or warehouse (fulfillment) locations. Shopify will not keep tabs on the physical locations of items within your warehouse unless you are tagging items through an inventory or warehouse management system that does so. 

With Boxstorm, it's likely they are a custom fulfillment location for your Shopify store, so you keep the information within Boxstorm, and Shopify simply tracks and allocates orders to this location to fulfill from, so the number of inventory syncs up. 

Of course, if it doesn't work out with Boxstorm, you can give SKUSavvy a try which offers a visual inventory placement system along with a mobile pick pack ship system. 

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