How can I get my OAuth login app approved by Shopify?

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Hi everyone,


I'm new to Shopify App. My work (a mobile app) requires a function to allow users to login if they already have a Shopify account (social login like Google, Facebook).


So I utilized Shopify OAuth login and successfully implemented it. But when I want to publish it to enable all users using it (not only development store), I keep getting rejected because my Shopify App "doesn't have enough functional user interface".


The problem is, all I want to do is to let users from inside our mobile app to login using Shopify account and that's all, they don't need to do anything with the Shopify App itself. I even tried to build a web page that show the shop details and products list, but it still isn't enough to pass the review process. Looks like Shopify want me to convert my mobile app into a functional webapp so that they can approve it.


Is there a way for me to get pass this? Again, all I want is to allow users with Shopify account to login the mobile app.


Thank you all so much.


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@lovelyiris ,

Is your mobile application have headless  shopify store front or you want to develop POS application ? 


Please let us know so that I will suggest you.


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Hi. No, my mobile app doesn't have anything related to Shopify products or information. There is only a button "Login with Shopify" which utilizing the OAuth login flow. User will input their shop domain and they will be logged in if OAuth API response successful. I even don't save any user details.

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Did you ever figure this out?