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How can I improve user experience with server-side redirects in a public embedded app?

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The public embedded app that I am developing currently has a sub-optimal user experience. The thing is, when the user launches my app, depending on whether the profile setup is complete or not, I redirect the user either to /signup or to /home route. I do this quite simply using the Next.js utility method:



However, what this does is it momentarily loads my app full-screen (i.e. without the visible Shopify Admin UI), and then reloads as an iFrame inside the Shopify Admin. So, essentially it works, but the flickering of the screen is somewhat annoying.


I know that I can use AppBridge utils to gracefull handle such redirects on the client-side:

Redirect.create(app).dispatch(Redirect.Action.APP, path)


Is there a way to handle these redirects similarly user-friendly from the server?

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I'm also interested in this answer as I also experience the same behaviour.

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Any solution?