How can I integrate apps into Shopify's new Hydrogen technology?

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I am trying to implement a Shopify app into the Shopify's new Hydrogen technology ( ) so that the merchants will be able to use the app even in the custom storefronts.
But I can't seem to figure out how to do that. There doesn't seem t be any documentation on how to implement Shopify Apps into the Hydrogen. And yet, Shopify App Store lists some apps as being compatible with Hydrogen:

But there doesn't seem to be any info on what do these apps even do in Hydrogen.


It also doesn't seem that there is any additional option in the Shopify Partners platform to implement the app in Hydrogen.

Can anyone from Shopify share some insight on how the apps can extend the Hydrogen build? Is there any such documentation available?


Thanks in advance.

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Shopify Partner
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Hi @MikeDe , interested if you found a solution for this? It is something we have now had to look into also. 

Shopify Partner
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Hi, @MikeDe! Did you find information or receive a response from Shopify?