How can I link a dealer locator map to my product website?

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We not only sell on Shopify but we also have a considerable amount of dealers for our product and I would like an app that would allow me to link a dealer locator map, not a store locator as they are not part of our store.  Our parts require installation and we have shops that are dealers for us and we would like to include them on our website.

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Hi @xxxpertise 


If possible, please provide us with more information about your requirements. We will suggest you the right solution.


Also, I understand that you want to display all the dealers on a map. f I get your ideas right, in that case, you might consider using our app - Dealer & Store Locator. You can easily create a list of dealer stores in the app and display them on a map on your site.


It would be better if you could clarify your request with examples and screenshots. We will check it for you.


I hope that you find it useful.


If our suggestions are useful, please let us know by giving it a like or marking it as a solution.

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You can check if WP Maps meet your requirements.

WP Maps is a 2-in-1 product and store/dealer locator application. With WP Maps you can add your dealers to your store list and display them on a map. The process is similar to how you would add stores on WP Maps.


And if you want to emphasis that a location is one of your dealers, you can simple name it as "dealer1", "dealer2", etc.


Hope this helps.