How can I make the 'Full Details' section always expanded on my product page?

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I'm trying to add a 'Build a Box' option as a product that allows the customer to build a custom 10 pack from drop down lists of our flavors. I've pretty much gotten there, but when you click on the product the customer has to expand the 'Full details' section to see where you choose your flavors. I've also made the flavor field required, but it still allows you to add the 'Build a Box' product to the cart if the customer doesn't expand the 'Full Details' section and does not choose any flavors at all. Does this make sense? I think what I'm trying to do is make it so the 'Full details' section is never collapsed. Any help would be so appreciated!

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Hi @pjcooney,

It has been a while since you raised the topic, and I'm unsure if you have already found a solution for your store. However, I would still like to suggest a solution that you (and other members) can consider if you encounter a similar issue in the future 🤗.


You can use the Easify Product Options app to set up your product options. Here's a quick demonstration:

  • Create a custom option set:



  • Add an Option Group that includes multiple Dropdowns for customers to select a flavor for each pack. You can ensure the Option Group is always visible by selecting "Open collapsible by default":



Another approach is to allow customers to select their Flavors first - using the Buttons (or Dropdown) option type. Then, they can select the quantity for each selected flavor using the Quantity option type:







After creating your option set, assign it to your relevant product(s), and you're done!




The Easify Product Options app is user-friendly and offers many useful features. I recommend giving it a try to explore more of its capabilities 😊.

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