How can I manage high-demand inventory on Etsy and Shopify easily?

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Im wondering if anyone can help me please?

I currently sell on Etsy & Shopify but with the high demand i'm struggling to keep up with my inventory 😞

Im not very good with computers so need something thats pretty straight forward and easy to understand. 

Ideally a FREE option but if not a low cost option. Im trying to keep my out goings to a minimal, but i'm open to options and suggestions. 

Currently have around 350 items on Etsy & 400 on Shopify and this will continue to grow. 

Orders i have more on Etsy than Shopify (trying to move them over) but approx around 1,000+ a year on Etsy but 500 on Shopify. 


Thanks 🙂

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Do you currently have your Etsy store integrated with Shopify? If you do the inventory should be getting synced. If not you may need to install one of the Etsy apps available in the Shopify app store. I can't provide feedback on them as haven't used them before.



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Thank you for your reply. Ive not got them integrated. Ive just looked at integrating and you still have to pay. Integrating and inventory is all in one app. 

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Hey @jad3j,

Etsy Shopify integration can meet your expectations. This app allows you to easily integrate your products (and other data) across numerous sales channels. 

LitCommerce Main Features

  • Product Listing in Bulk: Start selling on Shopify is quick and effortless with LitCommerce Shopify bulk listing software. You can easily select products from your central catalog to create listings and publish on Shopify in just one click.
  • Real-time synchronization: Every time changes are made to your product attributes such as name, price, inventory, images, etc., LitCommerce will automatically update between your sales channels to save you time and minimize repetitive tasks.
  • Advanced Order Management: Managing and fulfilling orders with multi-channel selling are no longer a hassle. Orders from every sales channel will be synchronized to one central store. It helps you deliver products in time and keep track of statistics.
  • Where to get it: You can directly go to LitCommerce to create an account and you’re ready to go

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Hi, I have a problem with your "Etsy Shopify integration" app. 

After I installed everything and gave the app access to Etsy, I get stuck in the"

"We're loading your listings from your Etsy and Shopify stores. It may take up to 20 minutes.

In case listings are not loaded, you will be able to click the reload listing button in 20 minutes and try to reload the listings again"


The page never refreshes, nothing happened, no error message, nothing. Am I doing anything wrong?? Id love to pay for this app, but I need it to work first.

Thank you!!!

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Hello there!

So seeing your question, we could figure out that you are currently troubleshooting syncing, inventory on Etsy and Shopify simultaneously.

We want to suggest a simple way out for this problem. You can opt for Etsy Marketplace Integration App.

There are multiple advantages that you get that will help you set up your store smoothly :


1)Inventory Sync

As you stated, you have an extensive collection, so instead of uploading inventories separately on both the platforms, i.e., Shopify and Etsy, this app will help you list all your products in one go with a supportive feature of inventory sync.


2)Manage orders

This app will help in managing orders, which can easily manage orders and ship the in-stock products.


3)Deleting products, made easy

Along With features like bulk upload, you can quickly delete your products. The products are out of stock or are no longer being sold in your store.


4)Multi Linguistic and Multi-Currency feature

With upgrading stores, global reach is also the goal for every seller, and to suffice these criteria, Etsy Marketplace Integration App fulfills the quotient to be multilingual.

The Multi-Currency feature is also available for smooth shipping globally.


5)Last but not least, All this and many more with 7days free trial!


We hope our answer helps you well.

Have a good day.