How can I modify cart page prices for volume discounts?

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I am trying to implement a volume discount system.
On the admin product page I have added 6 metafields for pricing tiers and quantity tiers:


  • price_tier_1 = 8.00 - qty_tier_1 = 10
  • price_tier_2 = 7.50 - qty_tier_1 = 20
  • price_tier_3 = 7.00 - qty_tier_1 = 1000

On the shopfront product page I have replaced the regular add single variation item to cart with a table that displays all the variations where the customer can enter quantities for each one. Below this I show the total that includes the pricing tiers discounted from it:


Now I come to my problem. How do I send this amount to the cart? As it stands, when the customer goes to the cart page, the original amount is shown along with the standard pricing:

After reading some docs, it's apparent that we can not update these fields using the cart/update.json, just things like quantities etc.

So far everything has been done by editing the template liquid files. Am I to assume I can only accomplish this by building an app or extension? And if so, which api should I be using?


I'm aware there are already apps in the Shopify app marketplace that can do this but I want to create my own. Or even better, is there a simpler way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hey @Nortski  ! hope you are doing good.
have you got any solution ?