How can I offer deferred payments or orders to customers?

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I am interested in offering a "sign up and we will charge you/send your order in X months" option for our customers. Is there an app that enables this? The idea is that after a customer pays for and receives their first order from us, we'd like them to be able to schedule another order in the future. This could be in the form of a subscription ("You just signed up, we'll charge you and ship your first subscription order in X months") or a single order ("You just received your first order, sign up to have us automatically charge/ship your refill in X months").


Basically, if I just received my first order as a customer I'd like to be able to schedule another payment/order for some future date.



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Hey Danny, looks like there are a lot of third party apps available:

I'm a software entrepreneur looking for an idea to build. You can reach me at
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In this case, it would be a subscription where the customer could choose when it starts. As far as I know subscription apps require the first order to occur immediately, then do recurring charges/fulfillment. In this case, I'd like the customer to be able to checkout (or even just opt-in) and say "start my subscription 3 months from today." 

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There are a number of subscription apps in the app store, but based on your requirements this app is just what you are looking for,


It offers flexible subscription features with custom intervals and pricing, and many other useful features.


Hope this helps! 😀

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Hey @dannygrannick , not sure if this is still applicable - but we've built a Purchase Option app that offers the option for the user to "Order for Later" and schedule a date that works for them - merchants can even offer small rewards / discounts like a traditional subscription app -