How can I secure a payment gateway for a dropshipping site without a professional license?

How can I secure a payment gateway for a dropshipping site without a professional license?

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Hi Team.

I am creating a new dropship website on shopify,

i have tried to use all available payment providers

all of them rejected my request, becuase they dont support dropshiping 

another provider is asking for Professional license and business bank account !! which is i canot provide it becuase this is dropshiping, i dont have real store or office to issue Professional license or business account from my country !


so, what is the solution to get payment gateway !


why shopify doesnt provide me with payment gateway without going to 3rd party ! why shopify doesnt support Jordan !

i really need a solution plz 


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Hi, @Motazz.
Have you taken a look at our list here for all the third-party payment gateways available in Jordan? As they're third-party operated however, you'll need to reach out to each payment provider directly if you have any questions about their integration or documents needed in order to use their gateway.
For context, although each payment provider will have their own rules and regulations, they're all typically required to conduct a verification process for all users utilizing their service. This will normally come in the form of a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure, which allows the payment gateway to check their customers and their businesses, so that they can make themselves aware of any potential risks that they present.
Since the KYC verification process is now mandatory for most, if not all, payment facilitators, you may find that most of the payment providers in the list I sent above will ask you to submit specific documents. As mentioned however, you can always contact the payment provider's support team directly to see if they're suitable for your business, before applying to use their gateway.


In regards to applying for a business license or business bank account in Jordan, because this is specific to your country you may find it best to contact your local authorities or professionals. They'll be able to verify and help you with the best next steps in starting your business and applying for any necessary paperwork.


I understand that Shopify Payments is the most ideal choice for a lot of businesses, however, as you mentioned, our native payment provider isn't currently available in Jordan. I appreciate your interest in Shopify Payments' expansion, however, so I'll share your feedback internally with the relevant development team so that they're aware of your request and the growing interest of Shopify Payments in Jordan. I recommend bookmarking our Changelog here so that you can keep up to date with the latest releases to our platform, where you can use the 'Payments' filter on the right hand-side of the page to filter out our payment-related only releases.

Apart from this, you mentioned that you're currently in the process of creating a dropshipping store? Just a note that when starting a dropshipping store, it's always a good idea to verify the products you're looking to sell, so that you can check for their quality and shipping time. You can do this by ordering some test products from your dropshipping supplier. Have a read of the resources below for more information on this, and a couple of other tips and tricks I think you may find useful:

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