How can I set a fixed URL tunnel for a Shopify app with random port?

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How can I get a fixed url tunnel for my shopify app (remix) for webhook, since we can't set a fixed port for the app.
Normally i would do it like this : "ngrok http PORT" but the port for the remix app is set randomly at each start

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You could update the url and uses static url thru .toml config file.
automatically_update_urls_on_dev = true

sudo npm run dev -- --tunnel-url https://<tunnel url>:<port>


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hi @nelos7 

You can manually set the tunnel url using the --tunnel-url flag while running a Shopify app using the CLI. 
the command should look like this


shopify app dev --tunnel-url <tunnel-url>:<PORT> 


or if you're using the Shopify cli via npm then


npm run dev -- --tunnel-url <tunnel-url>:<PORT>


here the port is the port which is the port forwarding tool is listening to. (the you gave while running ngrok HTTP <PORT>)

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