How can I set up a 3 for £20 discount on my collection in Shopify?

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I'm wanting to discount a collection so that when someone buys 3 items the total is £20.


For instance, If all items are £7.50 I can do this be offering a £2.50 discount when someone buys 3 items making the total £20.


However, when a shopper adds 6 items the total should be £40 but under the native Shopify discount it doesn't register 2 x the deal/offer.


Is there a way for Shopify to count the quantities in a basket so that 3 items = £20, 6 items = £40, 9 items = £60 and so on? Without doing some kind of tiered complicated scheme. 


I've looked at a couple of apps - and subsequently uninstalled them when they didn't meet my needs.


In simple terms the offer is "3 items from a collection for a £round price" and if multiples of 3 items are added the price needs to reflect this. 


Any apps or advice appreciated.

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Our app, BYOB does support tiered discounts. You can set up multiple tiers with a fixed price discount.


We support tiered discounts with custom bundles, where customers can build bundles on a single page.


Here's a sample bundle for your reference:


If you really want to offer a discount code or auto discount, then our app may not be suitable for you. You may search for discount apps on the AppStore.

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You can use Simple Discounts' mix-and-match bundle discount functionality for this. You'd just have to select the collection, then enter the product quantity and discount value. The discount will be applied automatically or via discount code once it meets the criteria. If multiples of the 3 items are added, then this discount is applied again. Hope that helps! 

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