How can I upsell multiple items post-purchase with an app?

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Anyone familiar with a post-purchase upsell application that permits customers to buy multiple items? I've utilized OCU, which enables offering multiple items, but it restricts customers to adding only one item to their cart. I'm seeking a post-purchase app that allows adding multiple products to the cart.

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Hey there, 

Tasha here with Oneclickupsell 😀

With OCU you can show up to 3 items using our post purchase option.  It would show up to 3 products on the page, but will only allow the customer to add one of the offered products to their order.

If you want to use our Pre-Purchase offer option the customer then would be able to add multiple items to their cart. The pre-purchase multi-product offer is a great option to use if you'd like to present your customers with more than one offer they can add within the pre-purchase popup. Up to 5 products are able to be featured!

Hope this helps, let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with! 

Tasha Zipify Apps Lead App Specialist