How can we improve our Mirakl to Shopify integration app?

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Hi, my friend and I (at Sellintu) are building what we plan to be the best Mirakl to Shopify integration app to handle and manage the marketplace / dropship orders from Mirakl directly to be handled from within Shopify. Currently we have the initial solution up here which runs for our own orders and for some of our current clients. (It is free to get started and try it out, with 30 free automated orders every month)

We just want to get your feedback as to what functions and features you think existing solutions may lack, or could be improved? We are currently in process to make it a public app to make installation faster than now. 
We see the standard features being order synchronisation (with tracking number, status update), stock sync, product information management (this might take a while for us to get right) and chat in one place eventually. But do you have other ideas as to what we can build to make your life even easier or better for a Mirakl to Shopify app?

We invite you to help shape the development roadmap in this thread!

The only limitation is your own imagination.
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