How to add a customer choice selection option in online grocery?

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Hi, we run a grocery business online. I would like my customers at some stage throughout the journey to be able to tick a preference box for

- whether they want to accept substitute products (as an overall choice not product by product)
- Dietary requirements


ideally towards the end of the journey (cart or checkout)

Just something simple that tells our picking team how to deal with this order to the best way.

Does something like this exist?

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Hey @shanebyrne1!

Most Shopify themes allow you to enable 'order notes' so you can collect extra details from customers for each order they place. Here's a page on Shopify's help docs with more details:

If you want to take it a step further and add multiple fields to the cart page (e.g. a checkbox that indicates whether or not a customer wants to accept substitute products, and a text field so customers can type in their dietary requirements), then I'd suggest using Shopify's concept of 'cart attributes' to collect extra order-specific information. If you're comfortable editing code you can add some cart attribute fields to the cart page in your store's theme, otherwise you should be able to find an app that includes features for cart attributes.

Here is a forum link for a tutorial on how to add cart attributes to your store's theme:

Here are some apps on the app store that have built-in support for cart attributes:

Hopefully this helps!

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