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How to automate sending new blog posts to email subscribers?

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Hello guys,


I'm looking for a way to automatically send new blog posts to the store's subscribers.


Been looking for apps to do this without Zapier, but no luck.

Also no email client in the Shopify app store seems to have this functionality of accepting the RSS/.Atom feed to generate emails.


I know MailChimp does accept the RSS feed, but I'm unsure how well it's currently working with Shopify, and would love to know if there's a simpler solution.



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Hi @atFranCruz!

Have you tried using Parabola?

You can pull in RSS feeds and compare dates to ensure it's new as of today. Additionally, you can pull in your list of Shopify customers, limit your list to only customers who accept marketing, join the list with your RSS feed pull, and send off with a variety of platforms (like Sendgrid, or natively in Parabola).

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Hey @jpbertram  thanks for letting me know!

I talked with the Parabola team and it won't work for us, but I appreciate your help!


Kind regards.

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hello! did you ever find a way? this is what i need to do!!

been trying for day to find  a way.


i want to have blog posts on my shopify website and then email them to my mailing list instead of having to make the whole thing again in mailchimp or something. there got to be a way!