How to best integrate Adcell API v2 for sales management?

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Hi everybody, 


we are currently looking into updating our Adcell set-up with the Adcell API v2. It should help us to manage Sales and update comissions based on changes of the cart value, possible partial refunds or complete refunds. This way we can automatically check whether a Sale through a publisher is valid or if changes where made to the order, that would influence the comission. 

Does anyone have experience with the integration of this API in a Shopify store? The API documentation just offers us the manual process of exporting the data, but the "framework" in which this would automised would need to be build from scratch. We have developers in-house, but it still seems like quite a big project for a simple export flow.

Happy about any input, insights or experience with Adcell API! (:


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