How to create a fixed price gift box with inventory tracking?

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So the gift box price is fixed. And the user picks options for their gift box which does not add or show cost. And they can choose to add a Gift Note.
Also we need to have inventory tracked and we do not want to show price of individual items at cart or checkout. So no virtual options.
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Hi @michaelhixson1,

Your requirements can be effortlessly fulfilled by utilizing Easify Product Options. This app enables you to create custom options while seamlessly integrating them with your existing products using the add-on product feature, ensuring inventory tracking is a breeze 😊. Additionally, you can easily incorporate a text box for the Gift Note fields.

Here's a brief walkthrough on how you can employ the app to create a gift product similar to the one on your reference website:

  • Start by creating your main gift product.

  • Next, craft individual items to be chosen for the gift box as separate products.

  • Install the app and create a new option set

  • For selecting syrups, you have 2 options: you can either create 3 dropdowns similar to your reference website or offer a checkbox list of all available syrups, allowing customers to select 3 options. Each syrup option can be linked to the corresponding existing product.

  • Add an option for customers to indicate whether they want to include a card note. This can be achieved through a dropdown like your reference website or using other display options such as checkboxes or switches.

  • Integrate a dropdown displaying all available cards in case customers choose to add a card in the previous step. This can be accomplished through conditional logic.

  • Add a text box for the "Name For Envelope" field, utilizing conditional logic to display this field only when the customer selects the option for a card.

  • Add a text area for the "Write Your Note" field, again using conditional logic to display this field when the customer opts for a card.

  • Finally, add all the aforementioned options to your Gift Set product to complete the setup.

If you encounter any uncertainties or require further assistance, let me know or reach out to the Easify team via the in-app live chat.


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