How to create Product Bundles as One Product on Shopify

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Little known secret about product bundles on Shopify I thought I'd share 😊 


Did you know you can create a product that is actually a bundle? Basically when a customer clicks "add to cart" it adds all the products from the bundle to the cart. It can be one, or or as many products as you want in the bundle. 


The beauty of doing it this way is it doesn't really feel like a bundle to the customer and if you have products that can be sold as a bundle or kit, it's one of the easiest increases your average order value! 


This is done using the Bold Bundles app for Shopify. Here's a little video showing how it works. 




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Hey Jay,

Great video. I have a question regarding the bundling:

I sell supplements on my website. I have product A with 2 Size Options (Single Serving and 30 Servings) and 5 flavors, and product B that also has the same variables (size and flavor). Is it possible for my bundle to only allow customers to bundle the 30 serving options for both instead of the single serving?

Furthermore, I do not have the option to set a fixed price for the bundle like in your video. Only a % discount. Is the fixed price option still available?