How to distinguish between ready-to-ship and pre-order items on my site?

How to distinguish between ready-to-ship and pre-order items on my site?

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I would like to add a badge or just a line that informs the customer that the item is ready to be shipped or "Ships in 1-3 business days".


Here's the catch - some of the variations of the products will be available for shipping immediately since they're in my storage (lets say a pink item), and another variation will be a pre-order (blue item).  


What app can I use to make those distinctions clear for the customers and make sorting products that are available and pre-order easy? 



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I haven't seen an app that does exactly this but you might take a look at

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Thank you - I will look into the app!

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Did this work for you? I am looking for the same thing!

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Hi there,

To set the right customer expectations, a clear distinction between a regular and pre-order item is necessary. The shipment time for an in-stock item could be 7-10 days, however, the delivery time for a pre-order item could be much longer.

One of my clients uses HotWax Commerce Pre-Order Management App, which helps Shopify merchants in displaying accurate pre-order product information on their eCommerce PDP by performing the following actions:

- Switch the “Add to Cart” button to the “Pre-Order” button for the eligible pre-order products.
- Switch the “Pre-Order” button to the “Out of Stock” button when orders are received on the entire pre-order inventory.
- Display the Estimated Delivery Date (promise date) for each pre-order product variant.
- Update the new promise date if the pre-order shipment is preponed or postponed.

With this app, Shopify retailers can ensure that their customers always have the most up-to-date information and have a clear understanding of when they are ordering a pre-order product and their delivery timelines.