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How to hide a product from the catalog while keeping it available for sale?

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I am developing a shopify application that needs to hide a specific product from the product catalog while keeping it available for sale. Is there any way to do this programmatically without involving the merchant who installs the app?

Thank you for your answers.

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Sort of...

You can add the SEO metafield to a product that will remove it from the sitemap and the storefront search.


However, this won't

  1. remove it from things like the default "all" collection.
  2. It also won't stop it being surfaced by third party search tools a merchant may install.
  3. nor remove code that a merchant may have hard coded link to, or Liquid code that references it directly.

So you get why I said "sort of".

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First of all, thank you for your answer @Jason.

Our case is a bit particular, the product in question represents a donation made to an association, product variants are therefore created programatically to adjust the amount of the donation.

The goal is that this product and its variants are not visible in the merchant's catalog, but this may not be the best solution for managing "donations".

How would you have approached the subject?